How far we are from the vaccine in this battle of corona virus

Plenty of efforts are continuing worldwide against this global epidemic on a war footing. Our doctors and scientists are busy in finding medicines for treatment. But the important question is how long we can succeed in getting this medicine.

Expriments with Meditions
The Council of Medical Sciences of India has recommended two lopinavir and ritonavir anti retro viral drugs which are used in the treatment of HIV. Although these drugs have proved effective in the treatment of Kovid-19, no medicine can be used to prove how effective they will be. There is research in the WHO and the UK on malaria drugs that can be effective in relieving chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine resistance.

Trying treatment with plasma 

Apart from this, tried to treat the plasma of the patients who have been cured of Cronavirus by taking blood plasma, which has developed anti-body which can be the verge in the fight with the virus. In the US and many other places too many treatments are being done by this process. The whole world  has been trying to find a cure for this epidemic with all its strength but it is very difficult to say how much time it will take.